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Join EKOSEN family as fair franchise partner

Franchise opportunities are available across Europe for a proven, profitable business – an excellent oppurtunity in unstable economic times, in the segment of IR heating, the most efficient heating system of the 21st century.

If you have the ability, passion and drive needed to lead your business and team from the front, then contact us on the details below.

From the very start in 2008 we have striven for the highest standards of quality and searched for innovative solutions in the field of IR heating that bring our clients savings and improve the quality of living/working environment.

EKOSEN is market-leading company in the field of IR heating in Slovenia and Croatia, with the highest AAA rating. We have been constantly growing since 2010, and in 2020 we have 5 showrooms (EKOSEN owned) in Slovenia and Croatia. We cooperate with 20 regional consultants and some 20 installing teams. We are manufacturers and distributers of a range of products – but above all we are specialists for integrated IR heating solutions. We have developed the first IR regulator (IR Sun) in the world, adapted for IR heating, thus saving up to 30% compared to conventional thermostats.

We follow the latest sustainability trends and technology breakthroughs and aim to build them into our products and brand identities. Focusing on innovation and human- and nature-friendly entrepreneurship, we believe that GREEN is the only way forward.

Through our own innovative and technologically top-notch products we are successfully entering European markets. Therefore, we have developed an EKOSEN franchise system and are looking for partners for European markets. Would you like to join the growing EKOSEN family, as EKOSEN franchise partner and become a specialist in IR heating?

Why EKOSEN fair franchise

Ekosen's values are not only reflected in its high-quality products, but are also felt in relation to its employees, business partners, franchise partners, suppliers, customers and the local environment, as the company uses a fair and socially responsible business system with long-term business goals. Due to its sustainable and established business model, it provides stability and fair payment to the entire business chain. On behalf of its successful and high-esteemed brand, the company also offers support and protection in a very competitive market.

While economic conditions might be uncertain, the Ekosen Fair franchise increases your chances of business success and allows you to work independently, but at the same time you are not left alone. As part of the large Ekosen family, you also become socially responsible, providing customers with concrete product value and long-term benefits. Moreover, Ekosen IR heating brings great savings, has a long lifespan and a positive impact on the health and quality of life of its users, which is another guarantee for a positive business performance.

The four cornerstones of the EKOSEN franchise system are:

EKOSEN offers the best IR panels in the market; numerus certificates prove their quality.

Premium position in the market and a guarantee for top quality.

EKOSEN offers all that is necessary for a stress free and successful start and day to day operations, together with product development.

Strong marketing & sales support and help in getting new clients (lead generation).

What is included in EKOSEN fair franchise

The 10 key elements included in the franchise fee are:

  1. A right to the use of the brand EKOSEN.
  2. A right to selling EKOSEN products.
  3. Know-how and a right to using the EKOSEN business model.
  4. EKOSEN fair Franchise Operations Manuals, with detailed explanation of all processe.s
  5. Marketing support (= based upon a specific and highly efficient EKOSEN marketing. approach), presence at and help in acquiring new clients (lead generation)
  6. Territorial exclusivity rights.
  7. Extensive training program to successfully launch your franchise business.
  8. Continuous support in your daily business, marketing and sales – for the whole period of contract.
  9. Initial support package when starting your business (equipment, marketing materials).
  10. IT solutions (software) for efficient business operations.
Fair franchise profile

What qualities we are looking for in a franchise:

  • A good understanding and knowledge of the local business environment and market opportunities.
  • Sharp business mind, ready and eager to face challenges, adaptability.
  • Entrepreneurial and marketing thinking.
  • Trust and ability to identify with EKOSEN brand.
  • Dynamic personality with a healthy view of life, with passion for learning.

Although you receive help from the franchisor, your success as a franchisee is ultimately up to you. Successful franchisees are driven by setting and obtaining measurable goals to stay focused and on track towards making the franchise a success.

Next steps

Ask for and fill in the FRANCHISE QUESTIONNAIRE SURVEY for EKOSEN franchise partner.

We give you a CONFERENCE CALL, in which we answer all your initial questions and discuss your business oppurtunity to join EKOSEN family.

We invite you to DISCOVERY DAY. Visit our showroom and headquarters, meet our team and learn in details how we work.

Complete our FRANCHISE APPLICATION, and upon our final review we prepare the Franchise Agreement and all related documents for signing. From there we start preparing for launching your EKOSEN franchise.


We will be happy to provide additional information. Contact us at:

Aleš Babič, EKOSEN Ltd. CEO

Ptujska cesta 17

Phone: +386 40 847 703