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IR heting panels Sunlife VARMA

Sunlife VARMA IR heaters are the most suitable point heating bodies for outdoor and indoor use. You get warmth exactly where you need it. They are extremely effective because they work with short infrared rays – like sunlight. The heaters are also resistant to moisture. They are most suitable for terraces of catering establishments, factories, industrial halls, warehouses, tents, workplaces, construction sites, shopping facilities, marketplaces, churches, cellars, fitness centres, garages, sports facilities, etc. They are also suitable for use in a damp areas.

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Sunlife VARMA
Power 2000 W 4000 W
Voltage 230 V 230 V
Current 8.6 A 17.3 A
Length 420 mm 855 mm
Width 225 mm 225 mm
Thickness 115 mm 115 mm
Wight 4.4 kg 7.0 kg
Installation location ceiling/wall ceiling/wall
IP protection IP44 IP44
Warranty 2 years 2 years VAR2000 VAR4000